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February 1st, 2016

Right before the turn of the century I was burned out at my former job. Then I got a great opportunity to join the folks at Emporor Norton Records and we were off and running as their in-house licensing consultants and there was going to be some movie projects and... Out of that came a new licensing company which I wanted to call something like Big Hand or 60/40 Licensing (the perfect PBJ ratio) and then we hit on Big Sounds International which felt just right. I want to thank all the labels and artists that played the game with us. We had some great times together. One of the first ipod spots, a bunch of car ads, tons of feature film spots, trailers and some tv. It all rolled along til the biz changed and you probably know the rest. I got to work with some great artists - a lot of them a little early in their careers - Brendan Benson, LCD Soundsystem and Eagles of Death Metal for instance. Dunno what 2016 is going to look like around here. Got a TV show to supervise this spring, still helping a few clients with pitching their catalogues, but mostly i'm just disappointed that nobody thought indie music was worth paying for any more than some random library cue.

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The Grassy Knoll - "Car In Reverse (mix 2)"

As always, thanks for listening.

Jonathan Hafter
Big Sounds International

Special thanks to Ivan and Danny at Organ Of Sight for getting this up and running.